Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brice Plays Drums - I Laugh at Your Greener Pastures I-IV (2011)

Great, intricate record that is 4 tracks, and one epic 30 minute suite of sorts.

Great organ. This record has these little memorable sections that often seem well worth the buildup to. 30 minutes long, but I would say it hardly feels that long at times.

They also played at the "Progasm" a few weeks back at the 400 Bar and played this whole thing live. I guess they spent the better part of 2+ years writing the whole thing.

Cavil at Rest and Kaddisfly come to mind, also names like Call Florence Pow, Santana and The Mars Volta (mainly the keys/organ arrangements).

The production isn't huge or anything, perhaps even low-fi, but I think it suits the music well for that reason. Less being more in terms of production.

Definitely a grower as well, as it's an album that new things are heard each time, and those things are often things to like.

Lyrically, things about humankind, evolution, space time, existence, etc are explored in a vague, almost naive way (naive being interesting in a sense, not ignorant or negative).

I'll add/edit more of this soon; hopefully later today. But I shouldn't forget just how these guys are another Minnesota band doing prog, and in some ways doing-it-in-their-own-way. Which supports how good a music scene we have here in Minneapolis/St.Paul. Even if Porcupine Tree and Between the Buried and Me don't come here often anymore, there's a ton of great in-state bands to satisfy me and many other open-minded/forward-thinking music fans.

I also should add, they possibly have another record in the works, even coming later in the year if the finances and time allow. This is sort of a Mini-album, and the 2 shows I've now seen them, they have played some other songs they are looking to record.

But for now, this is definitely one of the best local releases of 2011, and better albums in general.

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