Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Falling Up - Your Sparkling Death Cometh (2011) (1.0)

6/1/11 8:41AM

Diamnds is here to stream. For me of course, in about 9 hours or so when I get home from work.

5/25/11 6:55PM - 5/30/11 9:58PM

Blue Ghost is here. Holy shit this sounds sweet. Gimme the rest, nao damnit!

5/14/11 10:07PM

Cover Art + Track List PRE-ORDER Link

1. Circadian
2. The Wonder
3. Blue Ghost
4. Diamnds
5. The Light Beam Rider
6. Oceans
7. Mscron
8. Vates
9. Forms And Shapes
10. Slow Waves

Official Release Date is June 28th, 2011.

kind of odd spellings "Mscron" and "Diamnds" but I imagine it's for a reason. That reminds of me of something Menomena has done.

4/3/11 7:02PM
So the title of the album is "Your Sparkling Death Cometh" and is expected in June (June 28th according to Wikipedia and possibly other places I haven't seen yet).

As Jessy wrote in their latest update, like on 2009's Fangs!, Casey Crescenzo will be producing it and help with tracking along with using his studio.

Details and some video footage shouldn't be too far away it sounds like.

1/27/11 6:24PM
new site with updates

oh, man. $13,665. I just read that Casey actually produced Fangs, which really does not surprise me at all. And this upcoming record is being recorded at his studio as they say there. I'm almost feeling as excited about it as the next TRE record, lol.

1/6/11 10:40PM

280 Backers
$10,848 pledged of $10,000 goal
13 days to go

I am a BACKER, and as those numbers indicate, this campaign has become a success.

Falling Up of course is the original band Jessy Ribordy and Josh Shroy were/are part of, of course before The River Empires started. I actually can claim to own a couple of their discs already, 2004's Crashings and 2005's Dawn Escapes by finding them for a few dollars at Cheapo in the last few months.

The irony is, I haven't really spent much time with them, mainly because of my interest (phobia) in heavily Christian-based rock. However, in my exploration of Jessy's background, I did inquire about Falling Up and the album Fangs was recommended and I definitely have enjoyed it the more I've played it. It's rather textured, and among other bands, they do remind me of Minus the Bear and The Receiving End of Sirens to a point.

I'm not sure if Falling Up ever was on a tour with either, especially TREOS, which may suggest how Jessy and Casey Crescenzo got to know each other.

But I guess the biggest thing with Falling Up, as you watch that video and listen to Jessy, I am rather intrigued what they could do next. Fangs is a good record, and less overtly Christian, that I can tell. And maybe the most optimism I have about this is the experience Jessy's had writing the music of The River Empires and The Gloomcatcher, might impact how good production-wise and songwriting-wise this record ends up.

Plus I really want to just support him and what he does. My contribution was not huge, but it's remarkable how many people have contributed there, and how much $ they raised. That is a big reason why I wonder why The River Empires campaign didn't quite work out, nor the numbers of fans at this point. Falling Up have a good size following already (over 100,000 listeners on You'd think a reasonable percentage of those people would like and support Jessy's other work. But maybe it's just a matter of time. If this Falling Up record ends up reigniting their fans intests, many of them are bound to stumble upon TRE music, especially given they also have a record coming next year.

It should be interesting to see, and I am pretty excited to hear what this record will sound like. I even just found a hardcopy of Fangs on ebay just a bit ago.