Thursday, June 23, 2011 and

These are I guess quasi official chat/dj-playing rooms for this blog. On turntable, multiple djs more or less have to happen to have relevance really.

if the time/desire and INTEREST happens

maybe I'll elaborate more soon (later today?). But this might be something cool, but then again, it might suck and more or less just be an extension much of the trolling content on sites like and youtube especially.

Plus the big issue can and probably always will be, attention span. If you play a 12 minute song, many people will tune-out/leave etc. But many of the best songs are not 3 minutes or less, so there lies the flaw with not the setup/software, but mentality of most new listeners to music.

And in-truth, it's really nothing new. Just go back 15+ years to the music listening rooms in mIRC.