Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True (2011 Edition) (1.0)

4/21/11 4:15PM

The Vinyl has been canceled due to a lack of orders. If Kevin was Jeff Buckley, receiving 200 orders @ $100 a pop probably would happen, but he's (his name recognition/fan base numbers who would be interested and AWARE of this to begin with) not pathetically.

But a 2-cd re-release with bonus tracks is coming for $30, assuming they receive the 1000 Jon Rubin stated recently on one of the email lists.

$30 for a double disc deluxe w/ bonus tracks? yes, I CAN do that certainly. Although if in 5 or 10 years even, ANOTHER reissue/re-release/remaster is put out, it may get a bit sad and tiresome.

And I'm referring to my 2nd favorite record of all-time, lol.

"I have decided to try to do a CD version with the bonus tracks and similar packaging to the originally conceived vinyl package. It will be a 2 disc set with the frameable prints and custom box. It will be close to 12"x 12" and I am trying to bring it in at $30 retail. It will be re-mastered from original analog tapes and have other interesting (I hope) extras. This should be available in about six weeks. The pressing will be 1000 total and I may do a numbered signed edition (by the artist John Seabury) of the first 300. All the best, Jon"

3/18/11 6:13AM

$100?...I will definitely *think* about this.

From . . .

As of Thursday, March 17th, 4:00pm PST, we are still working out exact shipping and handling details. Please check back in 24 hours and be ready to place your pre-order!

Yes, we are going to try, but we need 200 pre-orders to make sure we don't lose our shirts.

The package will be a numbered 3 disc set including Mark Hornsby's bonus tracks. It will be 180 gm. vinyl, mastered by Bernie Grundman in a custom gatefold package with 14 frameable quality prints of all the original art, designed by Packaging Grammy winner Hugh Brown. This will be a 500 unit limited edition. The price will be $100 plus shipping and tax where applicable.

As soon as we have 200 orders we will go into production. It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for production. If we do not get the 200 orders within 60 days from March 18, 2011 you will receive a full refund. Let's hope we make it.

The City of the Sun
Suit Fugue (Dance of the A&R Men)
Water Under The Bridge
The Best Laid Plans
Certifiable #1 Smash
Staring Into Nothing
From Here To There
Ghetto of Beautiful Things
A Long Day's Life
The Way Back Home
Johnny's Last Song

Bonus Tracks
A Long Day's Life (Alt. Version)
The Best Laid Plans
(Alt. Version)

As I posted on some of the forums, this thing apparently is going to be re-released again (it last was in 2008), but this time with bonus tracks including the track "Long Day's Life" with a 48-piece orchestra.


London (February 8, 2011)—Abbey Road’s Studio One recently hosted an orchestral recording session for the upcoming rerelease of the late Kevin Gilbert’s rock opera, The Shaming of the True.

Nashville based producer, engineer and author of the blog/book Sounds Great! Now What? Mark Hornsby went to the iconic studio to record a 48-piece orchestra for "A Long Day's Life,” which will appear as one of several bonus tracks for a new remastered re-release of The Shaming of the True.

The unifinished rock opera was originally written and performed by Kevin Gilbert, one of the principle figures of Giraffe, Toy Matinee and the original Tuesday Night Music Club musicians/co-writers from Sheryl Crow’s 1993 debut album of the same name. Shaming was originally left unfinished following Gilbert's untimely demise in 1996.

Additionally, Hornsby worked on tracks for artist Kat Bowser's Hollywood and Broad album and "In The Cage" from Rewiring Genesis' version of The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, which Hornsby has worked on with Spock's Beard drummer/frontman Nick D'Virgilio and which is also due to be re-released in 2011.

Mark Hornsby

Kevin Gilbert / The Shaming of the True

So, certainly this is something to keep in mind, as I've made it more than obvious how significant Kevin Gilbert's music and now material from his estate is to me. And 'Shaming stands still as 1 of my 3 favorite records ever, and my favorite from the 2000's decade.

What I'm a little surprised by, is how little talk about this there has been recently. I suppose it does go back to the reports from 2008 and 2009 when Nuts/Bolts were released, there was some stuff about 'Shaming being released again. I recall it was on vinyl.

Maybe vinyl will happen with this? or at least it's still in the plans from the estate. I guess trying to get the rights to release Thud again and then putting out more of the unreleased stuff would be a bigger deal to me. Even the Giraffe records actually, since that stuff is impossible to find now.

But regardless, I need another copy of 'Shaming anyway, and depending what kind of and how many bonus tracks this latest pressing includes, this may be a bigger deal than I'm even regarding it right now.

Also a note, I guess progscape radio this Tuesday February 15th, are doing some kind of special feature on 'Shaming. It's podcasted, and considering Tuesday nights I usually do the Used Bin Radio thing, I may have to hold off on checking that out until it's archived. But that may also depend on time and Used Bin keeping my attention (like last week, lol).