Friday, April 1, 2011

Thurisaz - The Cimmerian Years (2011) (1.0)

4/1/11 11:42AM

4/1/11 myspace blog post

Release Date appears to be May 20th, based on the pre-order information there.

2/23/11 8:30AM

myspace blog posting

Feb 22, 2011
We've signed with Sleaszy Rider Records !

Hey dear friends !!

First of all, we're glad to say, that after more than a year being in and out of the studio, the recording, mixing and mastering of the new album ' The Cimmerian Years' finally came to an end. Last sunday we officially spent our last minutes in the CCR-studio, adjusting and adding the last samples!

Second of all, we're proud to announce that we signed a deal with SLEASZY RIDER RECORDS from Greece (Ancient, The Elysian Fields, Prejudice...)! They will release our third album 'The Cimmerian Years', which will be available in May 2011!

So... What to expect? One could say it's gonna be a known mixture of styles, yet so very different... It's gonna be the known combination of different vocals, yet so very different... It's gonna be the known soundscapes of bombast and melody, yet again so very different... Let's just say, it will sound familiar and it won't... ;-)

Here on myspace, you can check out some new songs: 'My Precious Unknown' & 'Second Mirror':

The artwork is done by the Dutch artist Geert van Mook. Here's a first glance of the cover. Thanx to Geert for doing a splendid job!


1: Broken
2: My Precious Unknown
3: Second Mirror
4: No Regrets (feat. November Doom's Paul Kuhr)
5: Fare Thee Well
6: The Carnival Of Miscreation
7: Inner Voices
8: Unhealed (feat. Inis Cathaigh's Els Blieck)
9: A Glance Of Misperception (feat. Saturnus' Thomas A.G. Jensen)

News about how to pre-order your promo-package will be posted on April 1st. Be sure to order on time, there will only be 100 promo-packs available!

Soon more information on video's, release-shows, new shirts, tours, etc...

See ya!

well given I'm at work, this posting may have some edits later today. But what I can say/add about this. It's about time. Finally they have a label to release this thing. They were in limbo, like a few other bands (Unexpect, Akphaezya..Fields a few years ago), with an album finished but no reasonable way of releasing it.

The new songs: I recall hearing at least 1, and I can't say I was floored or anything. But I enjoyed 2007's Circadian Rhythm enough to have hope for this record and this progressive melodic blackened death metal band (enough adjectives? I know, just call them metal and give them a go).

Also it doesn't give an exact date, just May. So obviously it'll be worth keeping an eye on what they (or Sleazy Rider Records) announces with that.