Tuesday, April 19, 2011

House of Fools - Versus the Beast (2.0)

4/19/11 8:28AM

Album title "Versus the Beast"

New song "Time" is streamable here

if it's Embed-able, I am not finding the right code right now.

1/18/11 8:38PM

Some background here aka "Fresh Hot Shit"

That also can be downloaded for free HERE (with an email and zz)

New album in spring/summer of 2011

Part ways with Drive Thru Records

The wait is over! Nearly four years after the release of their critically acclaimed debut, North Carolina’s favorite rock revivalists, House of Fools, are thrilled to share “Dogfight.” Drawing comparisons to current favorites My Morning Jacket and psychedelic rock icons, Pink Floyd, the song represents the culmination of years of touring, writing and sonic exploration. Download the MP3 HERE and feel free to post and share!

The release of “Dogfight” comes hot on the heels of a protracted legal battle that ultimately saw the band cut ties with Drive Thru Records. While the dispute prevented the release of any new music, House of Fools have been tirelessly writing and recording, and will release their new full length in the spring/summer of 2011.

The band is currently hunkered down in their home studio in Greensboro, NC putting the final touches on their new material, and will be documenting their progress on their new website.

New song "Dogfight"
Dogfight (new) by House of Fools

That also can be downloaded for free HERE (with an email and zc)

"Dogfight" is awesome, and this album sounds like it will be as well. I really hope "Need to Be Free" especially is included as the demo on Fresh Hot Shit was totally boss.

It's a broken record, but I guess I've said it before, and I'll say it again. This band are really fucking good, and why just the forums and college prog and progressive rock scene (as well as just Hipfork and some of the jam band and Southern Rock fans) have not caught on to them, at least to the level that they should, is totally baffling.

But perhaps with their escape from Drive Thru Records, they may get better promotion and exposure than they ever got before.

These guys are a top 5 FAIL LIST from the fan bases that should enjoy them in much higher numbers. 15,000 Fans on Last.fm. That-shitty-number-needs-to-be-much-higher. They're just so much better than that. Maybe this sophomore/independent album will bring that number up to a much more respectable figure.