Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mike Mangini: the new drummer of Dream Theater?

4/21/11 8:33AM-2:03PM

A 2nd quote was posted on about it being Mangini. The announcement is at 11AM today (somewhere..odds are EASTERN time). If it's Mangini, it won't be surprising, but the people doubting it will have to credit/eat-crow.

If it's not, then the quotes were foolish and misinterpreted (if not taken out of context).

edit: all they did today at 11am was release a Video of the 7 drummers who AUDITIONED, lol. And announce a documentary that will be released in some form.


Their new album should just be titled: "BEATING AROUND THE BUSH".

3/29/11 6:09AM

Nothing is confirmed, but the rumors have been out there for many months. Mangini, among a few others, were going to be named the new drummer of Dream Theater. Eddie Trunk, someone Mike Portnoy is close with, and is somewhat in-the-know for Hard Rock and Metal, in Media, just posted this a bit ago (which I read on Portnoy's forum)

twitter post
And that Mike Mangini will be the new drummer in Dream Theater and is in studio with them. Unconfirmed but likely to be announced soon

that twitter account has no official check-mark by it confirming it to be an official account of thee Eddie Trunk. But Trunk's not exactly an A-list, visible celebrity, so maybe it/he wouldn't need or want have one of those on twitter.

But if you take it at face-value, it's Trunk, and that is just a rumor still, but being someone who may know more than any avg fan online/the street, it sounds like a possible, likely rumor that could be true.

I guess when Dream Theater come out and announce everything about their new album, the new drummer will be included, and that is supposed to be soon. So the truth about this isn't far away from coming (thank gawd!).