Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Painted In Exile - Revitalized (Official Video)

The build up was sort of a big deal for this video, and for what it is, it's not bad. Nothing amazingly surreal or breathtaking visually, but good enough from an editing and video story-telling standpoint along with just seeing the band in action I guess.

It's cool to see a 9+ minute video for once. I'm not sure how many bands have ever made a video that long. Most cases if it's for a longer song, of course the song is edited down for the video.

The girls meet up, and shoot up with heroin or some other drug, the 1 appears to die..or does she?

Now that this thing has been released, etc the next thing we hear from Painted In Exile will be about the plans for 2011 and their debut record. But for now, it's nice to finally check this thing out, that they seemed to work pretty hard on this Fall.