Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ne Obliviscaris needs your HELP!

This is what I've posted on the forums:

This band from Australia are really good, but have yet to to release their 1st full-length album. It's almost entirely recorded, mixed, etc, but they have yet to decide on HOW to release it..i.e. the right record label, etc.

Well, their future may be in doubt.
Save Ne Obliviscaris! (An Open letter Re: Benjamin Baret's Australian Visa Rejection)

their guitarist isn't a native of Australia, and the Immigration people aren't at this time seeing his reasons for staying in Australia to be valid enough.

The more signatures on the petition, obviously the better.

In the mean time, I would suggest others around here to check out their incredible "Aurora Veil" ep/demo.

That Aurora Veil EP/Demo is awesome and really shows a ton of potential. And I have mentioned them a few times in this blog in the past I recall, since discovering my interest in them back in March.

So, it would totally suck if they weren't able to at least release this debut record of theirs, especially due to this Visa issue.

Although, 100Ft Snowman, Eroica, Grammatics, Apes and Androids, Stiletto Formal, Fields, etc, etc, etc... this kind of circumstance seems to happen, like I've said before, nearly every month if not more often. I really hope this band doesn't become another casualty, especially from something as silly as a Visa/Immigration issue.