Saturday, November 27, 2010

God Damnit Nevada!

Why did they have to comeback? And why did it seem like in the 2nd half of their game against Boise St, did they get a few key home-cooking calls? For one, the punt that was fumbled and ruled an illegal hit was bs. That was a fumble, Boise recovered and would have had the ball at the Nevada 10 yard line, up 24-7 at the time. Had Boise scored there, the game was over.

The 18 yard touchdown Nevada's so-called brilliant running qb had, he stepped out of bounds before he got in to the end zone. Sorry, but he did. Nevada may have gone for it the next play and scored anyway, but that was a call that nobody seemed to notice.

But okay, beyond the fact Boise lost this game, and how they did. They shouldn't have, but the reason this is bugging the fuck out of me is for a couple of reasons.

a) the BCS is still an imperfect system. It's fucked up. It always has been, and until an actual sudden-death playoff is set up, that decides who wins the National Championship is, it will always be fucked up.

b) Had Boise won and then made the BCS, and presumably TCU wins tomorrow. Oregon beats Oregon St next Saturday and Auburn beats South Carolina next Saturday as well. There would be 4 undefeated teams in Division I College Football. And thus you should have each undefeated team play another, and you end up with 2 undefeated teams after the Bowl Season is over. Thus it continues to justify how fucked up the BCS is, and another season adds to the demand to finally get the BCS and Bowl boosters and what not to get their proverbial heads out from under their collective asses, and set up a fucking playoff system finally.

It's not for this Season 2010. It's not for next season, or 5 years from now. IT'S FOR HISTORY. So many seasons from now, they can look back at how pathetic and screwed up the VOTING and COMPUTER RANKINGS, STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE factors that goes into the BCS really is.

Division II, III, NAIA, I-AA, and every other fucking NCAA sport including of course the Mens Division I basketball has a bloody playoff. Division I Football needs one soon, and thus we need more and more seasons with as many (at least 3, but preferably 4 or more) undefeated teams to demand this change to finally happen.

The other point in requiring a playoff, that barely if I have ever seen brought up is it's not about who goes undefeated throughout the entire season. The regular season should not be viewed as a playoff. That's baloney. It's not who you play, but when you play them. The point being, there are teams who may have lost 1 or 2 games for various reasons, recently or more so EARLY IN THE SEASON, that truthfully are playing the best football of any team in the country right now. A playoff at least allows for a team to come-together throughout a season and still have a chance to win.

The Mens Basketball tournament isn't necessarily won by the team who has the best record, but the team whose playing the best at that time. Actually, that's the case in every fucking sport more or less, except Division I Football.

So, I have nothing personal against Nevada, and Boise are kind of a cool story, but it's not like I have a personal interest in them. But having Boise lose there, made me kind of hate Nevada tonight and their fans. Had that fumble on the punt stood and Boise gone up 31-7 in the 3rd quarter, the game would have been over. But now with this comeback and loss in OT (which by the way, is another thing that's fucked up with College Football, but that's a lesser issue at this stage), Boise not only isn't undefeated and it fucks up the argument against the BCS; but they probably won't even be in the BCS all-together. And so you take their team and you consider if they are 1 of the 8 best teams in the country. Are they? I would think so, as they killed every team they played for the most part until having to play tonight on the road at a rival and ranked team in Nevada. But the way the BCS works, the WAC doesn't have an automatic bid, and there's teams with 1 loss from stronger conferences (according to the BCS) that will likely find their way in instead of them.

It's not fair. It's fucked up. I want to love College Football because the NFL can be a drag at times. But until they have a playoff on-the-field, I can't. So, Reno, Nevada, I don't give a shit if this was the biggest sporting event in your town in 80 years, destiny, rivalry, your little qb saying it's the biggest game of his life, blah blah. You fucked things up not only for Boise, but for all of College Football for who knows how many years. I hope you're happy.