Monday, November 29, 2010

Demos/Unfinished B-Sides

1. Crooked River 03:47
2. Dead In 3:01 03:00
3. Noticing Cameras 02:25
4. October River Returns 02:39
5. A Dimmer Lux (DEMO) 04:53
6. At The Foot Of The Hill 04:32
7. Fields 02:30
8. Witches Blossom (DEMO) 03:49
9. The Farmhouse 03:46
10. The Curse Of Maybel Cains (DEMO) 04:58
11.Cranes 02:20
12.Nightjar 03:18
13.Witches Blossom 03:43

This is a compilation of Unreleased/Demos/B-side. They aren't good sounding recordings to say the least, and it's hard for us to put these out to the public like this. Most are quick demos we tracked to get the idea for the album, and some of them we never ended up tracking later, they ended up on the shelf with all the other unfinished songs. It gives you a look inside some of the process of making an album and our quick bedroom recordings have a bit of charm to them. A few score track are ideas I recorded to get over writer's block in certain parts of the script, when I was writing it. The last track is the album version of Witches Blossom, for those who bought a physical album with that track missing.


Video explanation from Jessy

Demos/Unfinished B-Sides

just pledged and got those demos. The album is being made, but still any/all
contributions there will help.

So, very good news to see even with the Kickstarter campaign not going through. They did receive nearly $2,000 though which was impressive. But with Bandcamp, it's not so limited to a timeframe exactly. And he's wise seek other resources to help fund it as well. But I certainly hope a lot of those folks who pledged to the Kickstarter will give something to this as well, even if they are just low-quality demos. I'm not sure. I might guess they will be similar to the Ms.Leading/Dear Ms.Leading demos The Dear Hunter made. While the quality is lower, some of the songs/music/arrangements are really, very good. I wonder/hope these will have things to enjoy no matter the quality. Suppose I'll know soon once I get around to checking them out.

But obviously the great news is, Mars/Brighton II is still happening relatively soon.

edit: this is an ACTUAL RELEASE, lol. And that image there is considered the cover.