Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22 - Flux (2010) (1.0)

22newenergymusic dot com

1 Plastik
2 Gotodo
3 Flux
4 I Am That I Am
5 Disconnecting From the Grid
6 Kneel Estate
7 Loopwhole
8 Power Is So Yesterday
9 Perspective Pleiadian
10 Susurrus
11 Abdomental

Who is this band? a group who hail from Norway. Their style of music? well the riyl/ffo etc: The Fall of Troy, dredg, The Mars Volta, The Dear Hunter, Coheed and Cambria

Those pics/artwork are kind of fucked up maybe in a good way, ultimately, I dunno, lol.

But I was just introduced to them a few hours ago and they immediately have my attention as potentially a band I may get attached to. They're doing college-prog certainly, but some rather unusual twists and combining styles. They sound a bit mathy at times, rather catchy as well ("I Am That I Am" especially).

The only concern I have just from hearing Flux off pc speakers is I of course noticed a bit of 4C, but only on one or two songs I recall. But I'm going to have to give them the headphone-treatment to know how much if there is any issue at all about that. But if there isn't much, I probably will be giving this album a fair amount of time over the next week or two, at least. Who knows, this could be one of those unknowns/sleepers that comes in the 11th hour. An aoty contender? probably not, but it could find it's way in the mix towards the top certainly.