Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sufjan Stevens - Too Much live on Jimmy Fallon

So I totally missed this and Menomena recently on his show or Carson Daley, I forget. But as far as this performance, you know musically fine. But what's up with the Glammy get-up and all the extra costuming? Is Sufjan now trying to make his band Apes and Androids? And there, I mean it might be better in a big concert hall or theater, but on tv it kind of looked weird and I hate to say it, but a bit poser-ish.

Mind you, The Age of Adz is his best record, and "Impossible Soul" is his best song, but I was definitely a bit surprised by this, which I guess was his 1st National TV/Talk Show appearance like Menomena earlier this year on Fallon or Kimmel, I forget.