Monday, February 25, 2019

COMING SOON: Monkees Album Release Dates (comparing them with The Beatles, Beach Boys...)

It likely won't take days or all that many hours, but after seeing the common quote from media interviewing some of The Monkees, talking about how they outsold The Beatles and BB's (or The Rolling Stones?) combined.

It makes me want to look back at release dates of The Monkees albums and when certain Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones..maybe Hendrix and The Who (and Pink Floyd and Zeppelin perhaps)

Also some of the British Invasion and West Coast Psych/Jam bands. CSNY for example per Peter Tork's friendship with Stephen Stills.

I know the Monkees guys went over to England when The Beatles were making Sgt.Peppers, so the thought might be, what was the latest Monkees album out at that time?

I also may try and look at TV Air Dates with the likes of Star Trek (TOS) and maybe Batman as those are 2 shows The Monkees show sort of get associated with. I think some of the scenes were shot at the  same studio, and the same production company? etc.

I may even check out the ole with TV Lineups when the show aired.

Curiosity and recreational research I guess.

hopefully sooner than later (maybe before the Mike and Micky show on 3/14?)