Saturday, February 9, 2019

Dream Theater - Distance Over Time (2018-2019)


"Paralyzed" video below.

only heard/watched it once. I don't like it as much as Fall Into the Light, but it's still not bad. It's short, concise, gets-to-the-point, etc.

The video reminds me of among other Man vs Machine movies/tv, the INTRO TO HBO's WESTWORLD. That and maybe a little bit of the style of I, Robot along with Ex Machina.


New track "Fall Into the Light"

Pretty good. Relatively tight, concise, but still virtuosoic.

I'm not falling for the whole "they're back!" really but it is refreshing to enjoy a new tune from the guys again. We'll see how the rest of the record compares, but I suppose potentially this could be an album I could enjoy as much as A Dramatic Turn of Events at least.

The piano section made me think of Six Degrees, but also I do hear a bit of Octavarium in this track as well.

yeah, haven't heard it the 1st single below "Untethered Angel". Comments support again how a producer could do them world's of good.

Or the idea, make 2 versions of the album

1) the album with JP producing
2) a version of the album with a producer. hell, at this point, I would take them writing and/or at least RECORDING a song with a producer.

Not happening..probably a much better chance the next Opeth album is purely death metal.

but, art is justifiably selfish, if they are happy making albums this way since SFAM (or even say Octavarium), than I am glad they are.

But I can only say  per the track list below, I will listen to this album more times than The Astonishing (which I listend to about 1/3-of once, lol), but I might predict this album will end where the new Janelle Monae album did this past year, on my list next November.

I do want to see them in March at The Ordway play SFAM again.

1 Untethered Angel 6:14
2 Paralyzed 4:17
3 Fall into the Light 7:04
4 Barstool Warrior 6:43
5 Room 137 4:23
6 S2n 6:21
7 At Wit's End 9:20
8 Out of Reach 4:04
9 Pale Blue Dot 8:25


Release date is February 22nd.

St.Paul, MN concert is at of all places, The Ordway, lol.

New album Distance Over Time coming in February 2019.

Tour dates below including St.Paul, MN on March 28th. The tour is the complete Scenes from a Memory I imagine. And the album cover is the same as the image below with the tour dates.

The clip below? ..doesn't bad, but also sounds like about 20 or 30 other songs from them in the past.

The whole game thing I honestly probably couldn't care less for at this point, but I know many fans will probably get into it.

I guess I just hope it is more back to their roots in some ways. But did they demo or have an outside producer come in? very unlikely, which based on that alone, I don't expect a ton from this album, but maybe they'll surprise me. At least they did SPEND MORE TIME MAKING THIS ONE, which was probably over a year, which may mean they may have demo-ed or refined, edited, re-recorded some stuff.

For Immediate Release

Dream Theater's upcoming release, "Distance Over Time", comes out in February, 2019. To announce the details of the band's most recent offering, Dream Theater has enlisted the help of fans to spread the word about the release and even to break the news of the record release date, cover artwork, and to share the first taste of never before heard music. With this album, a return to the band's roots, Dream Theater hoped to create a fan engagement experience unlike any previously undertaken.

To lead into the initial release of material, an Alternate Reality Game was launched. This game encompassed a "treasure hunt" whereby fans were able to search for clues hidden in various photos, video, social media posts, and more. Cooperation to host the Alternate Reality Game focused on various fan communities. The band's fan club, forum members and Reddit each brought in technical expertise to create puzzles for the participants. Each and every week, a new puzzle would be released, often in the form of a candid photo or video from the studio where Dream Theater recorded their latest album. This would contain a piece of the puzzle - a clue to be used in the process of solving that week's mystery. The puzzles were usually based on some encryption scheme or hiding information in the files, such as hiding a zipped file with text in an image file, or hiding text within the spectrogram of an audio file. One puzzle had the fans decoding Morse Code on a light diode of recording equipment, while another had the fans decoding a touch tone number from a phone call. Fans had to solve a sonogram, Sudoku puzzle, reverse engineer an encryption scheme to find a key that would decrypt a specific text. They had to solve crosswords and trivia games. Fans were eager to participate, and often worked together to collectively solve the puzzles within hours of their release.

Ultimately, there would be one person - one fan who would be the first to solve the final clue. As their prize, this fan would be the first person to possess previously unreleased Dream Theater content. The very first person outside the band to have possession of any new music, new artwork, new album title. It would be the fans who would solve the puzzle, complete the game and break the news of the release, disseminating this brand new Dream Theater news to the world from their personal online presence.

It is the hope of Dream Theater to have created a fun and engaging fan experience. A unique manner to amp up the excitement for the new release, and to involve the band's fanbase in a new and interesting way. On behalf of Dream Theater - congratulations to the winner, and thank you to everyone who participated. 

Freddy Jacobi was: James LaBrie, Jordan Rudess, John Petrucci, John Myung, Mike Mangini, Maddi Schieferstein, James T. Meslin, Jake Solomon, Kim Arthur Sakariassen, Victoria Montenegro Martinez, Jessica Lausen, Sean Arnold, Freddy Palmer, Roie Avin, mods of r/dreamtheater, and Dream Theater World