Thursday, February 21, 2019

Rest in Peace PETER TORK



Rest in Peace Peter Tork aka Peter Thorkelson from The Monkees.

He had a form of Throat Cancer I guess, for many years.

2009 per Wikipedia anyway.

So my wife is a LIFER Monkees fan (and Michael Nesmith), and ever since meeting her in 2011, I have been brought-in to the world of The Monkees beyond the casual knowledge and experience I had had previously.

And when Davy Jones passed away in 2012, while Davy was her least favorite of the band, she still took it hard. Still to this day it seems they have been missing Davy a lot, even if the full Monkees lineup with Nesmith only happened once on tour in 1996 in Europe.  The American leg Mike left and so for those looking to finally see Nez with The Monkees in the States, it didn't happen, etc.

And Mike was planning on returning as he did in 2012.

Anyway, Peter while hardly a favorite of her and I suppose myself now, was always someone to like. My favorites from him are Can You Dig It! Shades of Gray and For Pete's Sake off the top of my head.

Peter was like Mike, one of the experienced/trained musicians in the band. And I always get that sense about him with the music. The music and songwriting was important, especially after they wrote the majority of their tunes.

Also the fact he attended college at Carleton gives Peter Tork(elson) a local connection.

I guess I am very saddened to hear about this, but at least he's at peace now. I can only imagine how difficult it got at times, living with that condition for a decade.

I wonder if on the upcoming Mike and Micky shows (including March 14th at Mystic Lake in Prior Lake, MN) if they will pay homage/tribute to Peter. Maybe play some of HIS songs live. Even perhaps a video montage.

He's up there in heaven jamming with Davy now.

Rest in Peace Peter!