Thursday, February 7, 2019

Meaningful Songs: Spock's Beard - Solitary Soul

Spock's Beard - Solitary Soul

I enjoy a lot of the Neal Morse led Spock's Beard, and there are probably 5 or maybe 10 other songs by them I would rank higher than this. Actually thinking about it, probably more than that.

But I heard this on 1 of The Prog Report's podcasts last week and cannot get it out of my fucking head.


I suppose part of the reason also has to do with dealing with difficult emotional situations of late.

-My wife's dog Coco is not doing well, really hasn't been since her Pyometra surgery last March. But we had to take her in to be tested for Cushings and she pretty much has it and now we have to decide on medication and thinking about the end of her life. If she responds to the medication, her symptoms will improve, but she has 30 months to live tops. She is almost 13 though (12 years, 10 months), so to expect her to live 2 ore more years would be optimistic.

-My dad has been in the hospital since Saturday morning. He thankfully had a successful surgery yesterday and is doing much better, but my thoughts have been with him and this song only added to that. I mean he couldn't eat or drink anything for almost 5 days.

-Trying to find a house and the reality of moving, living in a new place, since my wife and I have spent most of our at-home life together in our current residence the last 8 years. It naturally is a sad/nostalgic mentality just thinking about it.

-And the weather has been pretty depressing with Frozen Vortex-like temps last week, and this week ice-roads and not 1, but 2 long-sustained Snow systems, during RUSH HOUR (took me over 1 hour to get home on Tuesday). I mean it's not a Blizzard, but they've seemed darn close to the same impact.

That being said, musically this is really powerful. The strings, synths/mellotron, the vocal parts, including the harmonies and especially Falsetto Neal sings.

Love Beyond Words....