Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Cruise to the Edge 2019 (almost 9 Hour Video)

So I'm passing this along per maybe not everyone may find it, even by searching YouTube.

I skimmed it and it's kind of cool, and to hear some prog classics, covers, and a long list of bands.

Just from skimming, it seems some of them are cutoff unfortunately.

UniKue? I think it's the band who plays a cool rendition of The Cinema Show (Genesis) on Ukeles.

Anyway, I have likely given my take on this Cruise and Prog Cruises before (and festivals).

-Cost? it'll be well over $2000 to 1 of them, which I don't know if I'll ever be able to justify, even if I wasn't saving for a house among many other financial obligations. Maybe the Powerball/Megamillions is my ticket?
-The Wife would guilt-trip me if I did (and she has no interest of course to go).
-I would likely attend a Marillion weekend at this point instead

That being said, the ole starting your own Cruise or Festival crosses my mind as a fantasy/hypothetical.

I would likely think of a 2-day Festival that only had 6 Artists/Bands. And it would be pretty much all PCR type acts. And I would only intend to hold 5 times and maybe even every-other year (instead of every year).

Because there aren't any centered events like the Prog festivals for PCR artists. Artists like The Mars Volta or even say Coheed or Between the Buried and Me might be able to drive something like that for PCR, but the odds pretty unlikely.

Even say The Dear Hunter.

But just to play Hypothetical, if I chose a roster of 6 artists for the initial 2-day event, I might go with:

The Dear Hunter
Bend Sinister

Each artist would get an equal amount of time (like 75 minutes), and it would just be 3 acts each evening to not bog down too many bands to see and make it such a LONG day as I know about at these things.

And just hypothetically, the list of artists to hope-for, for me would be extensive (especially considering reunions or rare live performances)

But it has and probably always will be a pipe dream; but it's kind of fun to think about.