Wednesday, December 19, 2018


The Vennart To Cure a Blizzard Boxed set opening. I for some reason forgot the big deal with this was not the Copeland CD, but the Copeland VINYL.

Also Porcupine Tree - Signify double vinyl.

Albums of the Year abridged. I didn't want to make a 30 or 40 minute video with a list of all of even half of the list per time and desire to just give an overview. I linked in the description the Entry in the blog from last month.

I do intend to make a preview video or podcast soon to go with the epic entry I put up last week. That one likely will be longer; per why a PODCAST might work best for it. I dunno, I guess I'll see. If not before, I'll try and do that during that week I have off in early January.

I decided to make a cliche Top 10 Bands/Artists of all-time. I went into some detail, but not execessive. I figure this is 1 of those type of lists people like to watch on YouTube.

Click-baity I suppose, guilty-as-charged.

I'll probably make an albums one. Songs? I've stated like a bazillion times, trying to rank SONGS, like all-time favorites is just almost pointless and impossible for me.

Maybe instead, just select 10 artists and choose 1 song from each, maybe in A SERIES of videos that could go 10 or 50 videos deep potentially, lol.