Wednesday, December 19, 2018

New Videos: ALBUM RATINGS: Dream Theater and Pink Floyd

New Video series I'm trying out.

I will try and do some of the more popular bands/artists 1st as I mention, it seems that is what people like/want/click-on.

I may try doing them all in chronological order, or ratings order (less likely).

The point being, they are specific and not too long. And may create a little contraversy, assuming they reach enough people.

And as I mentioned maybe a year or 2 ago, if these work out, I may also try another new series for the Retro Albums of the Year. But like these, I don't anticipate at least initially going through the trouble to show physical copies. But just verbally going through them.

I do have an idea though which may be not so time and financially consuming, of Printing 10x10 (or 8 1/2 x 11) Paper Images of Album Covers and put them in like those sleeves in a large 3-ring binder to get at Staples or Office Max, etc.

And just pull them out when needed to do a Top 10+ albums list from a year from the past.

I'm not sure, if it may help/work and avoid the hassle of finding the physical vinyl or cd and/or having to edit-in those images into the videos and have it take twice as long to edit+finish, etc.

I dunno, it may not work, but it's an idea. And the Top 10 albums of year could be a really fun video series to make; given I have the time of course.