Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Artists and how many years its been...

since their last album.

This is not the 2018-2019 anticipation entry that is coming, although it's related and certainly many artists on these lists will be in there.

This, if it works as it should, can be a number of lists of artists who have gone a long time without an EP or full-length album that could record and release one still per they are either

a) Active
b) Doing or did a recent reunion. Or in some cases, they release some singles (I Mother Earth for example).

I only scanned lists through 2007 at this point, but will try and go further back, at least to the beginning of the decade (the year 2000). And if I manage to bump+edit this, than add new names every year (or post a copied+pasted entry every year? and add artists who've gone 4 or 5 years from that point since their last new studio recordings ...i.e. 2015 or 2016 going into 2020, etc).

And obviously remove the artists who put out new albums in the coming weeks/months, etc.

16 Years/2003
I Mother Earth (Quicksilver Meat Dream)

15 years/2004
Crotchduster (Big Fat Box of Shit)
The Dissociatives (The Dissociatives)
Tears for Fears (Everybody Loves a Happy Ending)

14 years/2005
System of a Down (Mezmerize/Hypnotize)

13 years/2006
Disillusion (Gloria)

11 years/2008
Burst (Lazarus Bird)
Kacica (Mosaic)
King's X (XV)
Mutyumu (Il y a)
Opus Dai (Touch the Sun)
Sculptured (Embodiment)

10 years/2009
Shadow Gallery (Digital Ghosts)
Soundscape (Grave New World)

8 years/2011
*Shels (Plains of the Purple Buffalo)
Arch / Matheos (Sympathetic Resonance)
Bruce Peninsula (Open Flames)
dredg (Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy)
Gotye (Making Mirrors)
Immortal Technique (The Martyr)
Neverending White Lights (Act III: Love Will Ruin (Part 1))
NewVillager (NewVillager)
Erick Serna (The Grip)
Stateless (Matilda)

7 years/2012
The Gathering (Disclosure)
House of Fools (Vs. the Beast)
Jazzkamikaze (The Return of Jazzkamikaze)
Judgement Day (Polar Shift)
Lehto and Wright (November)
The Mars Volta (Noctourniquet)
Menomena (Moms)
Oedipus (Vicious Little Smile)
Pepe Deluxe (Queen of the Wave)

6 years/2013
The Appleseed Cast (Illumination Ritual)
Debashish Bhattacharya (Beyond the Ragasphere)
Daft Punk (Random Access Memories)
East of the Wall (Redaction Artifacts)
For the Imperium (Hail the Monsters)
Karnivool (Asymmetry)
Northern Abbey (The Sounds of Glowing)
The Red Paintings (The Revolution is Never Coming)
Renaissace (Grandine il Vento)
Shelter Red (The Split Sabre)
Sigur Ros - (Kveikur)

5 years/2014
Brice Plays Drums (ProgTagonist)
Fjokra (Thoughtsteps)
Genders (Get Lost)
Imogen Heap (Sparks)
Marketa Irglova (Muna)
Nomia (Iron and Rust)
sElf (Super Fake Nice)
Sound and Shape (Bad Actors)
Sucre (Loner)
The Tea Party (The Ocean at the End)
Transatlantic (Kaleidoscope)

4 years/2015
The Chap (The Show Must Go)
Dikta (Easy Street)
Mother Falcon (Good Luck Have Fun)
Timbre (Sun and Moon)
Other Lives (Rituals)

i.e. they either released an album within a couple of years, but don't seem to be present on Social Media or talk about new music, etc.
I.e. they feel like an artist/band whose been inactive for awhile.

Amanda Palmer with a/her band
Alphabetical Order Orchestra
Josh Benash
The House Harkonnen
Malajube (hiatus)
Negroni's Trio
People for Audio
Ramona Falls
Sigmund Droid
Skeleton Staff
3/Joey Eppard