Thursday, December 13, 2018

Vonavi - Sunburst (ft Run Rivers; Chris from Stateless)

This was just released on November 28th.

Vonavi, I honestly don't know a lot about. But Run Rivers is a project Chris James from Stateless has done the last few years I guess.

edit: I guess Vonavi is the name musician Andrei Ivanov goes by.

This track is wonderful.

Atmospheric, Cinematic, Moody, Ambient and surreal in a lot of ways.

Very much of something I could see Stateless doing.

It looks like Vonavi may also have some music on Sunnlixx Records Bandcamp maybe that album entirely, I dunno.

I kind of wonder if the music he's done with vocals will go further for me than a lot of the ambient instrumental stuff (like many other artists).

What I'm not clear about a debut album came out or is coming?

This article mentions:
"This Next Record" 

and on  the "About" section on Facebook:

"Vonavi’s debut album feels like a breath of fresh air, while simultaneously leaving you breathless. "

So I think there is an album coming or out there, I just haven't found it  or it hasn't come yet.

Another track "Feel the Embrace" is online as well here.

Sunburst is an emotionally captivating visual piece that complements the sonic textures of VONAVI’s evocative musical production.