Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ours Albums coming 2018 and 2019 (incl 1 this week 11/11-117 2018)

While the information on the upcoming Ours album and albums and his Solo album(s) have gone back and forth, it sounds like they are finally coming out.

Part 2: New Age Heroine is the album it sounds like there will be released this coming week.

Part 3: Spectacular Sight will be coming "Early in 2019." 

along with a 3rd album likely in 2019 which I wonder was the solo album Jimmy was going to release back in late August/September.

He had to MIX all of these songs himself per the sad/unfortunate death of Jason Corsaro in 2017, who was working or planned to work and Mix Spectacular Sight.

I will of course be posting more details about all of these albums soon including New Age Heroine coming up this very week! 

Also per the comments/q-and-a there, Jimmy does intend to record and release another solo album which may include the long desired by fans recording of LIVING IN A VIDEO.

Also Ballet the Boxer 1 is getting remixed I guess which while I don't mind a lot of the mix on it, I know many fans weren't thrilled with some of the mix on many songs from it; so that Remix/Remastering is another thing to anticipate soon.

5 fucking Ours/Jimmy Gnecco releases to plan for. And a Tour which Jimmy is doing, but it's not coming to Minnesota unfortunately. But I wouldn't be surprised if a full OURS tour of the States happens to support these albums in 2019 and/or 2020.


Part 2 New Age Heroine coming next week!
Also, Part 3 Spectacular Sight coming in early 2019, and a remix and master of Ballet the Boxer!!!


@ny_drummerMy recording partner who was set to mix the record with me passed away, and so I had to mix everything myself. All 22 songs, and I decided to complete them all and put out two records!

jimmygneccoofficial I decided to call the solo album and (an?) Ours album, but I have tons of new songs to record for a solo record.


@powernoizeDecided to make them all Ours records. Will be 3 in total, and then another solo record down the line.


Pretty Pain remix there to download.