Saturday, November 10, 2018

22 - You Are Creating: Limb 2 (2018-2019)

Video for "Chroma Key"..almost more like a making-of with the song in the background.

no connection to the band I assume.

New song is sweet and I am certainly excited for this new album You Are Creating: Limb2  which is being released on November 23rd.

The only thing I'm thrown off is why it's sold as You Are Creating as a DOUBLE ALBUM with the identical track list of You Are Creating: Limb1 as the 1st disc/half, etc.

I mean I already own that one on Vinyl.

I may just get the double cd initially, I dunno.

But I would say among a likely crowded list of 2018-2019 albums coming, this is the 1st officially confirmed with a date, thus the #1 anticipated release for me right now.

Love 22.


You Are Creating (Limb 1 and Limb 2)

1. Inspec 04:38
2. Staying Embodied 04:31
3. Sum Of Parts 03:58
4. A Mutation Of Thruses 04:33
5. Adam Kadmon Body Mass Index 04:12
6. Ectypes 03:18
7. You Are Creating 03:36
8. Node1 02:05
9. Node2
10. Call Me Trimtab 05:04
11. Dillemanns Clarity
12. Autumn Stream
13. Chroma Key
14. Sylphs
15. V
16. Akira

You Are Creating: Limb1
01. Inspec
02. Staying Embodied
03. Sum Of Parts
04. A Mutation Of Thrushes
05. Adam Kadmon Body Mass Index
06. Ectypes
07. You Are Creating
08. Node1

You Are Creating: Limb2
01. Node2
02. Call Me Trimtab
03. Dillemanns Clarity
04. Autumn Stream
05. Chroma Key
06. Sylphs
07. V
08. Akira