Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy New Album Season 2018-2019

Not a lot to throw out there just yet, other than obviously today, November 1st, is the 1st day of the new album year/season 2018-2019.

I of course have the 2017-2018 Albums of the Year in the works. I'd estimate it'll be up within 2 weeks, but it may be sooner (possibly this weekend even, time allowing).

And I often add the next year's anticipation of course, which I may, but I also have an anticipation list already cookin'.

Also I think it was now 5 years ago when I started this change/process of November 1st to Halloween and I can't say overall it was a bad idea. December continues to be aloof for the most part with new albums, and the November albums always feel crammed/rushed, even if some good ones come out every year.

Will it continue? indefinitely as far as I can tell.

Names for 2018-2019 (which I am predicting will be deep a little like 2009 (2008-2009) was.

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Happy New Album Season! 2018-2019 😄 .. among many of the names anticipating 22 Muse dredg Ours Pepe Deluxé Bent Knee King's X Arch / Matheos East of the Wall Sculptured Soundscape Neverending White Lights