Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Barock Project - Detachment (2016-2017)

Short comments:

I discovered this band a few months back from Notes Reviews Modern Progressive Rock albums, etc.

It's quite good. Neoprog and Symphonic, tasteful and almost American sounding (like Kansas in many ways).

Rich, well composed pieces on a lot of this album.

But they're from Italy.

Anyway, one of the best new bands to me over the last 6 months or year or so. This album Detachment likely would have been in my top 10-15 albums last year.

I still need to hear more of their back catalog, which maybe I'll post more about that in due time.

1. Happy to see you 07:36
2. Broken (feat.Peter Jones) 09:06
3. Alone (feat.Peter Jones) 03:11
4. Rescue me 04:55
5. Spies 07:25
6. One day 07:23
7. Driving rain 01:02
8. Promises 05:02
9. Secret therapy 05:36
10. A new tomorrow 07:44
11. Old ghosts 04:07
12. Twenty years 06:04
13. Waiting 05:42