Thursday, November 22, 2018

Ours - New Age Heroine II (2018-2019)


Here are the Preorders from their official site/store. Interesting that the CD copies are limited (I preordered 1, maybe I should have ordered more than 1 for that reason).

And that crossed-out pricing, which may be limited?

I also still wonder if with the Remixed version of Ballet the Boxer I and Spectacular Sight III coming, if some kind of boxed set may eventually come out. But you know, all in good times.

Pretty excited to get my CD copy in January, and the Vinyl in 2019 (understandably, those will take longer, but ANY Ours Vinyl is something to look forward to).

Also for the preorders, a Digital Download will come your way soon after you preorder per Facebook

Due to the change of times, we will only be manufacturing a limited amount of CDs. If you would like one, NOW IS THE TIME!

CD Preorder

Due to the change of times, we will only be manufacturing a limited amount of CDs.
(CDs will be delivered by January 5th, 2019)

180 Gram Vinyl | All vinyl pre-orders will receive a digital download link within 24 hours.
(Vinyl will be delivered in 2019)


It's only available there as far as I know. Download and Streaming.

I didn't see it on Spotify and I would assume most of the other Streaming sites right now.

Hoping BANDCAMP and some physical versions, or information at least about the physical copies will be coming soon.

Great fucking record! Really loving many of these songs even more like You Are the Light and the title track especially.

Yeah, so heard this once 1.5 times on the laptop and most of it also in the car, and I am starting to warm up to it.

I still need to hear it with headphones, which hopefully tomorrow at work will happen.

1. Kill Me 4:47
enjoy it, nice album opener like most Ours albums.
2. You Are the Light 4:07
enjoy it more each time, nice flow
3. Pain Aside 4:39
very energetic and catchy. The most on this album, and it is a bit of an outlier in that sense here. Similar to say "Sing" from Ballet the Boxer.  This track was also on the original Spectacular Sight track list.

4. My Love 5:08
Gorgeous ballad. A love song, maybe one of if not the best love songs Jimmy Gnecco has written. The standout ballad on an album that has a handful.

5. New Age Heroine 6:32
I like this, but am only maybe luke warm as it kind of has the same tempo throughout. It may need more time though.

6. Fallen Flower 4:08
Probably the track I'm struggling with the most. One of a bunch of slower, ballads on New Age Heroine. I'm going to keep going back to it to see if it grows.

7. Fly 6:03
Oh my gawd this track is stellar! Very dreamy and yet this awesome atmosphere and mood. Some wonderful vocal lines and drum work.

8. Miles Away 4:42
Like Fallen Flower, I'm struggling a little with this one. It was on the original track list for Spectacular Sight I recall, so I'm not sure why Jimmy released it on this one instead, but maybe that'll come out at some point. But this is another slower track that I may just need the headphones to finally have it click with me.

9. Made to Love 4:49
This is another slower, ballad type song, but I think the Falsetto vocal section in the middle and Static's guitar solo make this one really work among other things.

10. Ring the Bell 5:19
I enjoy this, but can't say I am into it yet at least, like many other tracks on this album. And as far as Ours albums closers, in some ways has a lot to compete with, with them having more or less a perfect track record (Get Up, Fall into My Hands, Red Colored Stars, and even As I Wander...)

Overall early impressions is I enjoy a ton of the music on this record already, and would have a hard time for it not to be the leader-in-the-clubhouse for 2018-2019 (22, Muse and some others though pending).

I am getting a similar feel to Ballet the Boxer I with it. A lot of highlights, and in terms of tone and go-to tracks, etc it is on-par, or maybe slightly better in some ways.

But this is only hearing it about 2 times. We'll see, and of course with Spectacular Sight looming, it'll have that to compare with or be paired-with in some ways.

Not sure if more commentary will happen in here, although for the 2018-2019 preview and I would think any singles/videos I'll have to post more.

And of course I'll be bumping this entry this coming week once the official links for its release are available. Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

This finally showed up in my Inbox this late afternoon.


Everyone who pre-ordered Spectacular Sight, Black Card Holders, and those who purchased the Distorted Lullabies Stream...check your email tonight for a gift from us. We hope you like it. New Age Heroine officially goes on sale next next week. With Love, For Love.

I have only listened to a little bit of it per it showed up while in the middle of doing laundry and getting ready to go out to dinner; i.e I don't yet know how much I love it since I haven't heard it yet.

But I have a feeling (in my fanboy bias) that I am going to love it, pretty much like every other Ours album.

Gotta head to bed now, but I likely will take it in tomorrow and post an EDIT in here about it.

1. Kill Me 4:47
2. You Are the Light 4:07
3. Pain Aside 4:39
4. My Love 5:08
5. New Age Heroine 6:32
6. Fallen Flower 4:08
7. Fly 6:03
8. Miles Away 4:42
9. Made to Love 4:49
10. Ring the Bell 5:19

Some more information from Jimmy there:

I am wondering a couple of things

1) What this album will be like compared to Spectacular Sight III ? which is coming it sounds like in a matter of months
2) Will hard copies be available? which I suspect they will, and along with the Remixing/Remastering of Ballet the Boxer I, might all of these be sold in a Boxed Set or Package, possibly vinyl?
3) Concept?
4)When does it officially go on sale? Black Friday? or Next Saturday the 24th? or maybe even Wednesday the 21st? Given it is Thanksgiving week, a lot of normal stuff is done on different dates like on Wednesday instead of Friday.

I will definitely post links when it does go officially on sale.