Sunday, October 14, 2018

Pure Reason Revolution REUNION in 2019!

It's only 1 gig at Midsummer's Prog Festival in the UK, and of course not something I likely will be making (I've never seen them live unfortunately), even though the festival falls around my birthday.

Will this lead to more? who knows. I suppose it is worth noting how Chloe Alper's projects since PRR's breakup have been slow to happen. Tiny Giant have released a few singles and plays live at times; and I know there has been stuff about their debut album coming, but it was at least 2, maybe 3 years ago.

Jon Courtney's band Bullet Height did finally put out their highly industrial-influenced debut album in 2017, but I was only luke warm about it.

I.e. as a huge fan of PRR, I would love to still see them make more music and play live, even if it is independent while simultaneous with their current music projects.

I guess we'll see next year. Unlike some band break ups in the last decade, I recall the PRR members ended on good terms and said they planned to reunite at some point in the future. I guess 2019 is that year.


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PRR's FB photo from October 9th.


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