Thursday, October 18, 2018

Erthlings - Bridges [1B] (2018)

Heard about this relatively new Australian all-female Psych/Rock band on the latest episode of Sound Opinions

I say *relatively* new because the 4 members of this band started playing together when they were 8 years old. And they are all 16 now I guess.

I guess the reason I'm sharing this is largely due to how their sound reminds me enough of Warpaint; and even say Black Belt Eagle Scout and Genders (Katherine Paul's music).

But this song/video "Bridges" is just their debut single. Dreamy and melodic enough to have my attention. I'm pretty curious what they do next. Debut EP and/or album maybe in 2019?

I mean if they have been playing together since 2010, I wonder if they have refined their sound and have songs that they have worked on for quite awhile, which may come out all the better given they may have been 1st written many years ago.