Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Soft Machine w/ Beledo @ The Turf Club 10/23/18

It was great to finally get to see the current incarnation of Soft Machine at The Turf Club in St.Paul, MN on Tuesday Night 10/23/18.

John Etheridge - Guitar
Roy Babbington - Bass
Theo Travis - Reeds (Alto and? Soprano Sax, Flute), Keys
Gary Husband - drums

Beledo opened.

It was just guy playing fast, spanish-like acoustic guitar and then some pieces on keys. I guess Gary Husband plays on some of Beledo's albums, although he Gary played with Soft Machine, he didn't sit in with Beledo.

The guitar pieces I really enjoyed, which were kind of Paco De Lucia or even Scott Bravo-like. Very fast picking techniques.

On Soft Machine; they were awesome! technical as hell. Dynamics, lots of builds and crescendos. John Etheridge on at least 2 or 3 pieces really showed his shredding, in cases playing in 15.

I told John it reminded me of Al Di Meola at 1 point.

My favorite Soft Machine album, Third, was at least represented with "Out Bloody Rageous (Part 1)."

It was just an excerpt being "Part 1" but I can't complain as it was certainly a highlight, but the rest of the show was very engaging as well.

Theo Travis stood out many times, and it was nice to note about him being that he has played with a lot of artists, including Robert Fripp and Steven Wilson extensively. I got to speak with him and have him sign a copy of Soft Machine's latest album Hidden Details after the show.  I asked him about Steven Wilson and he was here in 2013 on the Raven tour at The Fine Line.

He fills the Elton Dean-role I suppose in some ways being the Reeds and on Flute virtuoso that Soft Machine's music calls for.

Overall great show (despite somewhat low attendance...100 maybe?, but in Minnesota?..and lack of promotion? I can't be shocked, and it didn't seem to matter as far as the response from the band as far as I could tell) and cool to finally have seen them (maybe someday, they'll be back and consider playing even more from Third, which is one of my favorites).

Set List
Hidden Details
The Man Who Waved at Trains
(followed by band introduction)
Life On Bridges
The Tale of Taliesin
Song of Aeolus
Fourteen Hour Dream
Out Bloody Rageous (Part 1)
Kings and Queens
The Relegation of Pluto / Tarabos / Sideburn / Hazard Profile (Part 1)

One Glove