Sunday, October 21, 2018

Meaningful Songs: Josh Rouse - Winter in The Hamptons

Josh Rouse - Winter in the Hamptons

I saw Josh Rouse again last night at The Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. The 4th time now I've seen him since around 2013 I recall.

Josh Rouse is a huge favorite of my wife's but I have to admit, the guy has some great tunes, and while I doubt this is my #1 or at least most known/listened to track of his (Comeback (Light Therapy) that probably goes to), I recently came to find this to be quite a mesmerizing, romantic number.

Even just for the "bah bah bah-bah bahhh" chants alone, I have been won over by it.

It's both catchy and sublime in some ways.

I suppose "The Hamptons" being those places in New York (near Long Island?) that admittedly, wealthy people live or go to for Rest and Relalaxtion I think of maybe in a romantic way. Kind of an escape.

Also for the fact the TV Show Royal Pains was set there, so I kind of think of that show and also the now past last decade time frame, etc Both from a time not too long ago, but sometimes I wish I could go back to. The ole' wish I had known Josh Rouse's music when Nashville came out in 2005, seen him live back then (and as many times my wife has, 8), etc as I would have even more nostalgia for it and this song.

But never too late..