Monday, October 22, 2018

Phil Collins @ Target Center 10/21/18

So I managed to see Phil Collins last night at Target Center.

His 1st appearance in Minnesota since 1992 (with Genesis at the Metrodome), and 1st solo since 1983 (at of all places, Williams Arena).

The Genesis Minnesota curse?
-Peter Gabriel only came once, had sound problems, promised to come back.
-Steve Hackett having issues with people at Rossi's,
-Daryl Stuermer's concert getting canceled
-The Musical Box show getting canceled due to not getting the needing 2/3 of the tickets sold by a month before the show,
-Years later when they finally did come, it was poorly promoted and the guy who booked it lost quite a lot of money I guess.

But last night had really no issues like those.

The hits for the most part were fun. Easy Lover was a ton of fun and as much of a sing-along as I love the studio and video version for. The Philip Bailey parts were done really well by Phil's backup singers.

Follow You, Follow Me almost had me in tears; which I suppose the video montage of the Genesis history, including much with Peter Gabriel added to that.

In the Air Tonight is a showstopper and probably was the biggest of the night. As much as it's one I've heard 1000 times, to see the man sing it and have it performed live (especially the drum part) I had chills to finally see.

And like when seeing Stevie Wonder a few years back, just seeing him finally live, meant a lot to me. Even if he wasn't playing the drums and had to use a Cain, which I guess was due to a recent back surgery.

He sadly can't play drums anymore, and his voice isn't what it once was, but as screechy as it sounds, it still is in key and sounds good enough to still enjoy live.

However, he did participate in the drum duo/trio (with his son, and the other percussionist) on hand drums which that itself was surreal.

I suppose the main thing I can take away from this show that was less than thrilling;
At least 1/3, maybe 1/2 of the show was Big Band driven, which to be honest, hurt some of the mix with the vocals. Also the Phil Big Band stuff is more of the Pop-Jazz variety which I can't say I love.

Overall, since I wasn't sure if I was going to see this show per the price of tickets were through the roof of course, and in trying to watch my budget along with Rocktober and the bevvy of other concerts around this time (Josh Rouse, Soft Machine, Martin Barre, Cream, Alan Parsons Project), I am certainly happy I got to go last night. As this may be the only time to ever see him or for that matter any of the Genesis members live, especially in Minnesota again.

Even despite that, it would have been cool to see him wear his often-seen-in-the-past Minnesota Northstars jersey.

Also Daryl Stuermer was there, which in a way felt like seeing another member of Genesis. And Phil's 17 year old son Nick, is on his way to living up to his dad's drumming legacy which was cool.

Set list
Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)
Another Day in Paradise
I Missed Again
Hang in Long Enough
Throwing It All Away (Genesis song)
Follow You Follow Me (Genesis song)
Can't Turn Back the Years
Who Said I Would (followed by band introductions)
Separate Lives (Stephen Bishop cover)
You'll Be in My Heart
Drum Trio (with Nicholas Collins and… more )
Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
You Know What I Mean (performed by Phil Collins on… more )
In the Air Tonight
You Can't Hurry Love (The Supremes cover)
Dance Into the Light
Invisible Touch (Genesis song)
Easy Lover (Philip Bailey cover)

Take Me Home