Thursday, October 25, 2018

Esperanza Spalding - 12 Little Spells (2017-2018)

This album dropped last Friday, October 18th. I of course per FB's lack of a myspace-blog-subscription like setup, didn't know.

I will be checking it out though. I really liked a lot of Exposure from earlier this year.

Videos below

edit: played it once (it's all streaming on YouTube I think),

Touch in Mine, Thang and those last 3 tracks are all bangers.

Quite a good record; maybe not yet at the level of Emily's D+Evolution, but I may already enjoy it more than Exposure.

Those last 3 tracks are the proggy's really. I love it when she gets busy with the vocal layers and even lyrics. That is when her experiments really do work.

Also clearly, much better than the new Janelle Monae album and more or less wipes the floor with Kamasi-Hipster-Washington.

Order Links

1. 12 Little Spells (4:53)
2. To Tide Us Over (4:53)
3. Til the Next Full (4:17)
4. Thang (4:35)
5. Touch in Mine (4:53)
6. The Longing Deep Down (4:35)
7 You Have to Dance (3:27)
8. Now Know (4:26)
9. All Limbs Are (3:36)
10. Readying to Rise (5:07)
11. Dancing the Animal (5:07)
12. With Others (5:52)