Monday, August 14, 2017

Mew @ The Turf Club 8/13/17

Okay, so Mew returned to Minnesota for the 2nd time in nearly 2 years (Here's my review from the October 5, 2015 show in Minneapolis at The Triple Rock Social Club).

And for the 2nd time, I can say they blew me away. I think part of it is hearing many of the songs, namely the Frengers/Kites/No More Stories tunes, live, has this amazing ability to bring me NOSTALGIA.

And like the show in 2015, I couldn't help but blubber a bit, succumbing to tears. The videos (*Visuals*) add a lot. So dreamy, dark, twisted, and surreal. They get to escape into the music actually.

And I'm just going to add right here in the review:

A Feature Entry(s) and Video is long overdue about Mew. And certainly I doubt I'll be able to avoid among the anecdotes, the memories/images of a couple tunes. "Zookeeper's Boy" and how I always think of the Michel Gondry/Gael Garcia-Bernal film The Science of Sleep, which oddly, when I started writing in this blog in December of 2006, I recall writing a review or referencing it. Granted, I saw that movie at Lagoon Theater in September or October of 2006, so it was a few months before then. But the Summer/Fall of 2006 also was my Mew discovery period.

Also "Louise Louisa" I think it is off Kites, in recent years has hit me like a ton of bricks for some reason associating it with the experience of 1st meeting my wife at KFAI.

But hopefully those long-winded tales will be found at a near-future form.

back to this review. The new songs so work pretty well live. "Twist Quest"  and "Nothingness and No Regrets / Season" along with "Water Slides" from Plus Minus.

They just create such great atmosphere, I can't help but be swept up in what they present.

And for the 2nd time in 2 years, the band were gracious enough to hang around and chat with the fans here. Jonas, Johan Wohlert, Mads, Dr. (Nick) Watts, and Silas who I only got to speak to briefly as I was leaving. It was absolutely STORMING out though; per thankfully I didn't have a long trek to make from St.Paul. The band and some of the fans there, I feel for, like friends from Facebook Jared and his brother Matt (although Matt told me he now resides in Golden Valley, but Jared is from Austin, MN. Both of them I guess seeing their 1st Mew concert).

But the band were very down-to-earth, engaging like a couple of years ago. I spoke with Jonas about Prince even, and I just skimmed that review from 2 years ago, we chatted about Prince back then as well, lol. But also Kimbra. Per her guesting on Plus Minus, and Jonas guesting on The Golden Echo, I wonder if they could do a tour at some point together. If it happens, I would not be surprised. Kimbra I guess is in Japan right now, but she has a new album in the works, so who knows.

Anyway, I can't really say enough good things about last night, save for I am grateful they are still a band, making music and touring. I mentioned Oceansize, Pure Reason Revolution and Vennart to some of the fans and guys in Mew.  I can't find it right now, but there was an article around 2006 (or maybe 2007 or 2005) that mentioned Mew, PRR and I want to say Klaxons. Oceansize may have also been mentioned, but they were buzzed about on the forums with those 2. Klaxons?..never got into them.

but when I met Mike Vennart last April with Biffy Clyro, I mention both PRR and Mew to him and I thought he said 'Size did a gig or even a tour with Mew at 1 point.  But I look at the progressive band from Europe/UK from the last decade, and with PRR and Oceansize not around now, I am still grateful Mew is. I guess they ultimately had the most crossover appeal among those 3, for whatever reason.

More on this hopefully soon i.e. talking about my history and Mew's albums, etc. Since it is long overdue in a lot of ways.

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(photos per Jared on the Mew fan group on FB)

In a Better Place
The Zookeeper's Boy
Candy Pieces All Smeared Out
Introducing Palace Players
Snow Brigade
Twist Quest
Water Slides
Saviours of Jazz Ballet
The Zookeeper's Boy
Carry Me to Safety

Nothingness And No Regrets / Seasons
Am I Wry? No
Comforting Sounds