Tuesday, August 29, 2017

2 More RIP (a bit OT in a way)

I can't elaborate in detail about these 2 like Mr. James Bickers. But I wanted to also pass along the sad news of the passing of 2 others in my connections., etc.

The 1st being a gentleman named Cavis on the dredg fans forum who I guess I did meet and hung out with back September 2006 in Santa Cruz, CA.


Chris Avis (Cavis) was a taper and lover of live music, namely among the kind of stuff that dredg fans enjoyed. And he was the 1 who filmed and/or did audio for those full-album shows in Santa Cruz 11 years ago next month.

I hung out those 3 or so days with a handful of people I would see on the Traversing forum, and he was 1. I would have to see a picture of him maybe to remember better.

But Rest in Peace regardless. A Car accident which sounds senseless. He was a Basketball coach too which also sucks for not only his family and close friends, but the school and kids.

The 2nd being Jason Corsaro, who now learning was to MIX the new Ours album. He had cancer unfortunately, and lost the battle recently. It explains why the album hasn't been released, etc..which sucks, but is very much secondary. I don't know much more about him, but for some reason now I want to.



It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our dear friend Jason Corsaro. Jason was a caring, passionate, talented, inspiring, and hard working man. We were in constant awe of his work from the past and his continued desire to still find the magic in the recording studio. He was set to mix our upcoming records, but recently became too sick to do so. He fought hard, but unfortunately cancer won. We will miss him and we ask that you hold him in your hearts.
Jason Corsaro

edit: his credits as an Engineer and Mixer include Duran Duran, Power Station, Peter Gabriel, Madonna, INXS,  Ozzy Osbourne, and A-Ha among others.