Saturday, August 5, 2017


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Last week we decided to put SoP to rest due to several problems, mostly because we now realise we dont have the time to either finish a beast like a new album properly or do anything else with SoP for a long time. So the band has pretty much just faded away at this point. Anyway! We are very thankful for all the support we had through the years!

So, this was just posted within the last day. I really enjoy Incurso, their last record from 2012. It kind of was technical death metal both at its most complex and still cerebral.

Their other 2 records Noctambulant and Cabinet I have listened to, but not to the same extent. But basically after discovering an interest in extreme metal in 2007, these guys I kind of looked at as 1 of if not the most talented metal bands from an instrumental standpoint. Although that is debate-able. At least among the current bands going at that time and since.

Anyway, this is sad to see, but I can understand given their infrequent releases. They definitely are a band who took their time and got things right; per it being 5 years since Incurso. And that being the case, I was hoping they would finally make the follow-up soon, but now it's understood never happened.

But who knows, maybe 1 day it will.

So with SoP no more, it begs the question, what is the best technical death metal band still going? Not sure (The Faceless?, Persefone? Decapitated? Dying Fetus? Obscura? Nile?) but it brought up 1 thing to me. When I was reading about Incurso I think, many people mentioned missing Necrophagist, or looking forward to the next Necrophagist album.

I was thinking well its been what seems like ages since the last Necrophagist album, Epitaph, in 2004. Maybe they will show up sometime soon and fill the SoP void? It would be nice, although I'm not anticipating it.