Friday, August 18, 2017

Everything Everything + Fjokra songs

Look for Fjokra's gorgeous tune "Koi" around 2:26, and then listen to the interval pattern of the piano of the title track from the new Everything Everything album A Fever Dream.

rather similar  Kind of sped up or faster I suppose, but it crossed my mind, hearing this similarity, maybe the Everything Everything guys are fans of Fjokra? (and vice-versa).

That being said, I may find the title track (despite that, or maybe because of that), to be a standout on A Fever Dream which is released today (along with the new Steven Wilson album To the Bone).

Need more time with A Fever Dream though, but Everything Everything are becoming one of the most consistent bands and I imagine history will have them as 1 of the key bands from the 2010's.