Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Series: RIYL/FFO

Not sure how these will go and how much will be rehashed from older entries (probably more than I am anticipating, but so be it).

I think I am going to do as less or sometimes more as possible to make some entries, namely about progressive college rock, and a somewhat definitive to me/my taste/knowledge

Recommended if You Like
For Fans Of

The Reign of Kindo and Mew shows recently kind of hit me, that that is what I and this blog can often be about. But these entries will be more focused/specific.

Yes, most if not all the recommended bands will have been mentioned and even featured in the past in here, but at least these are a bit more condensed and a 1-stop shop if you like 1 band, who also to check out, etc.

Timing/How Many? I'll see I guess. I don't want it to get too much in the way of my goal to finish the Albums Calendar project, but hopefully it won't too much.

Also it very well could carry on over to YouTube (maybe minus much of the props/physical items to show).