Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Everything Everything at First Avenue 4/5/16

To the Blade
Fortune 500
The Wheel (Is Turning Now)
Cough Cough
Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread
No Reptiles
Distant Past

This set list I don't believe is 100% accurate (nor is even the order of the songs), per I should have but for some reason can't recall hearing "To the Blade" even though most of the sets they've opened with it. It's been my favorite track from Get to Heaven, and I was watching intently from the start. Maybe I just spaced out or something, lol.

At any case, their show was terrific last night opening for The Joy Formidable. I got the sense the crowd really did take to them and their energy. And their energy is often what appeals to me maybe most about their music, both studio and now seeing them live.

I would love to see them play a much longer set though, and to see some of the Man Alive stuff especially. They maybe played for 35 minutes as my phone's clock said 8:38 when they finished.

As for The Joy Formidable, I watched about 5 or 6 songs and then the Fiancee rang me and I went home. I will say, I see the appeal, especially live. They are a female-led (female singer at least) psych/blues rock band who also have a lot of energy and atmosphere to their music. I probably would have watched the whole show save for my schedule this week and having just been out late on Sunday for Mutemath.

But if you get a chance, definitely try and see Everything Everything live. They played to the crowd and had stage presence (which often isn't the case, namely when a band whose never toured in a certain city or country before. Although at least they are not exactly new now, having 3 albums, it's just that I think this is their 1st US tour).

The guys also came out to chat for a bit, Very cordial, welcoming guys in the band.