Monday, April 11, 2016

REACT TO: Top 10 Rock Keyboardists

My comment there

it's a pretty good list, but the biggest issues  i have are

-Ray Manzarek, while I like him and The Doors, I don't agree with being #2. Wakeman, Banks and Lord easily are more known as keyboardists and have much larger bodies of work.

-Jazz-ROCK stalwarts CHICK COREA, JOSEPH ZAWINUL, JAN HAMMER and GEORGE DUKE namely, belong in the mix as they were all virtuosos and largely influential. And this is hardly the only list that fails to include them more or less per their being considered JAZZ. But Jazz-Rock or Jazz-Fusion is still close enough stylistically, I personally think it belongs in the same mix.

Fusion never gets any love, even in a Prog-heavy list. But then again, the people making this list (and voting I suppose) probably are totally unfamiliar with Jazz-Fusion beyond a few Miles Davis tunes.

Perhaps I'll edit-in or post my own personal Top 10 soon (which undoubtedly will include many of those fusion guys).