Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Josh Benash - The Body Light [EP] (2015-2016)

4/13/16 2:00PM

Only a few weeks away now.

4/8/16 6:30AM

Vinyl Preorder which includes some Vuvuzela tracks!


The Body Light is an upcoming new EP from Josh Benash, which he was kind of enough to send me to check out early, before the May 3rd, 2016 release date.

Josh's last record, Stasis, from 2014 I liked a good amount, along with his 1st solo record The Dismal; The Beautiful from 2012 I also enjoyed a number of songs from.

Quirky, experimental, humorous, extreme and bombastic. And genre-bending/blending are many of the elements of his previous work.

I'm just sampling some of this tonight, and will try and add more perhaps tomorrow. Some of this sounds rather soundtrack-like, which Josh actually has also done some soundtrack work actually (an independent horror film titled Bleeding Hearts for example, and a number of others are listed on his imdb page here), so that doesn't surprise me.

Also, among the many artists I've been trying to feature on YouTube, I likely will try and make a video about Kiss Kiss and Vuvuzela as well as his solo music hopefully soon. Perhaps around the time of the release date of this new EP on May 3rd, on Motor Oat Records.

I imagine it'll be posted for stream and download, likely on his bandcamp page and on soundcloud, so I'll have to bump and include those links when they show up as well.

edit: So I've checked this out a couple of times now and this among his best work, although not a huge departure as it has the quirky, waltzy, circus-like tones and sarcastic lyrics and vocal personality. There's some nice female vocals that contrast well with Josh's voice (on the last 2 tracks,"Swim in the Blood" for one, I wonder if the title is a reference to Elizabeth Bathory? and "Extinction on Our Lungs.").

A lot of use of vocal distortion on this EP, which Josh Benash's music certainly has used, but maybe more prominently here. The title track I'm thinking of namely.

The final song "Extintion on Our Lungs" is sublime at times. The both melancholy yet beautiful ending which many of his records seem to have.

1. a moon by my side 4:01
2. the body light 2:46
3. prelude to pitchforks 3:00
4. swim in the blood 2;14
5. extinction on our lungs 3:56