Friday, May 6, 2016

British Theatre - Mastery (2015-2016)

5/6/16 7:17AM

On bandcamp now.

Early impression: I naturally like a lot of this album. It kind of reminds me of the early OSI at points, with Vennart and Gambler's stamp on it. And it also not surprisingly sounds like some of the electronic side of Oceansize. Everyone Into Position and Home and Minor.

Mastery cover art

1. Blue Horror 05:01
2. The Cull 04:22
3. Dinosaur 03:39
4. The Coldest Of Shoulders 02:37
5. Capra 05:30
6. Newman 05:21
7. Cross The Swords 03:34
8. Gold Bruise 04:33
9. Thunderlips 02:20
10. Favour The Brave 04:28
11. Mastery 06:39

4/29/16 6:34AM

Of course I received an email with a download link per my Preorder (so if you did, you also can just do that).

Hopefully later today at work I'll be able to check this out. Big hopes!

1/27/16 6:17AM

"Mastery" drops on April 29th

Article which includes stream of "Newman"
 (and also comes with the preorder).

This sounds darker and almost industrial. From that article and Mike Vennart's blog (linked/copied and pasted below), it sounds like the stuff on this album may differ in some ways from the 2 EPs from a few years ago, which very well could be all for the better.

Mike Vennart's Blog Post
Applaud the mastery
January 2016
Hello and happy new year

I’m proud to announce the imminent arrival of the British Theatre record.
Gambler and myself started this band (i don’t like to use the word ‘project’) in the immediate aftermath of the breakup of the old band. We didn’t really know what we wanted to do, we were just happy that we were free to do it.

We released a couple of EPs in 2012, which, in hindsight, are clear exercises in self-discovery. You can kind of hear the conflict. In ‘Defeat Skeletons’ and ‘As The Leaves Are To The Limbs’ you can hear i’m longing to be in a band again. In the rest of the repertoire, you can hear that Gambler has other ideas. Consequently, it didn’t really work. But it was necessary.

The same happy obstacles that prevented any work on the ‘The Demon Joke’ were also in effect here, but tenfold. This was an album that i didn’t know what to do with.

After the two-year Biffy Clyro ‘Opposites’ tour, we reconvened, and looked at the material we wrote prior to the tour. Most of it didn’t measure up. We pretty much started all over again. We booked the Arctangent Festival to give us an enforced deadline.

This was a record that made me scared. I found it intimidating, out of my comfort zone and uneasy.
….all of which is why I love this record so much.

It’ll be available to pre-order on Pledge Music this week.

MV x

1/26/16 2:15PM
Stoked. More later probably, and I have to wait to put my order in at a non-public location (I'm at lunch right now).

But this record I could certainly foresee being awesome. Maybe as good if not better than The Demon Joke.

Download comes with a preorder.

Pledgemusic / PREORDER