Thursday, May 12, 2016

Some Lists Coming (89.3 + Ministry of Music)

89.3 The Current's 893 Voter Albums list is nearly done as of the latest update I saw a few minutes ago, they were at #54 and they look to count down all the way to #1 by this evening 8PM?

So as I posted in when I included my submission, I would link or actually post the results, and sadly, I've been tracking it every day over the last 4 or 5 days.

What I mean to include in it is naturally a "React To" write-up of sorts. I'm not sure if I'll pull many punches of course, but we'll see.

Also a TALLY of artists stats; how many albums from each artist, etc

But it also got me thinking, if I could make a list of that many albums I enjoy, that would be the mother of all the lists I've made.

It would likely JUST BE A LIST and maybe like the Midseason entry, a Summary of sorts.

Perhaps a few images, but just for the interest of time of course, I just would include a list of albums. And perhaps songs from them, at least on many.

The other project I've been busy with of late is to compile a ranking list and order/links to all of Ministry of Music's Album Reviews. You can find them obviously on his YouTube channel page, but they are not ranked throughout some 390 reviews or so he's done.

I happen to really enjoy his channel and thought it might be cool to get an idea about how albums compare ratings-wise to one another.