Thursday, May 5, 2016

2015-2016 Midseason coming (hopefully soon)

I had yesterday off and had like 10 things to do. It was my fiancee's birthday, so go figure.

But the list is made more or less, it's just the time doesn't seem so likely to actually write blurbs right now.

So, rather than write blurbs for many if not all of them, all I can promise really is the list with likely the artwork, and I may just do the lazy Summary at the top.

But even when that happens? maybe a reasonable goal could be this weekend.

I also intended to make 1 or more videos (Vinyl update), which I tried to but it came out poor. So, the new videos also in time. Perhaps I'll find a couple of hours this weekend, although Saturday there's more Fiancee b-day activities at Tiki Bar in Minneapolis. And Sunday is of course Mother's day.

I've also been working on something for MinistryofMusic's YouTube channel, per where a little of my free time has gone.