Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vektor - Terminal Redux (2015-2016)

5/5/16 10:26PM
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5/4/16 3:17PM

Another new track ""Pteropticon""

4/2/16 9:37AM 

"Pillars of Sand" the unison section-> guitar solo that starts at 2:42 is wonderful.

3/3/16 6:49AM

Opening track. Yes, I like. A connection between this and the final track off Outer Isolation, even lyrically it seems.


2/14.15 9:23AM

rel May 6, 2016

 photo vektor terminal redux cover 2_zpsd4npt0gw.jpg
1. Charging the Void
2. Cygnus Terminal
3. LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease)
4. Mountains Above The Sun
5. Ultimate Artificer
6. Pteropticon
7. Psychotropia
8. Pillars of Sand
9. Collapse

10. Recharging the Void

11/11/15 6:21AM

thumbs up.

9/22/15 10:28PM

I'm pretty excited to hear new music from these guys again. Vektor, a band I've only grown to enjoy more with time. Stylistically, they make progressive/technical Metal that includes as much Thrash as band I've ever gotten into. But I suppose part of what makes them appeal to me so much is they have these incredibly fast sections.

I enjoy their debut album Black Future a lot, but I'll admit their 2nd record Outer Isolation from 2011, I got more attached to.

They used to based in Arizona, but they have migrated to Philadelphia in recent years and plan to do touring soon, which I think they have done here and there since moving. But they are going on tour in Europe for the 1st time per This Post, which sounds like a pretty big deal.

Hopefully they'll find their way to the Upper Midwest at some point soon as well, but in the mean time, Terminal Redux is certainly a record to look forward to.

Per the post below, it's expected in early 2016.

Facebook link

The final phases of our master plan are now complete....
The sonic wavelengths of guitars, bass, drums, and vocals have now been committed to the astral plane....
Once the mothership has examined our data, once central command has documented our progress, it will not be long yet.....
Until the 0111001001101001011001100110011001110011 of TERMINAL REDUX reach the fragile ear bones of your human skull!!