Friday, May 6, 2016

Emanuel & the Fear - Primitive Smile (2015-2016)

5/6/16 6:35AM

2nd single "I Believe" is nice, kind of a ballad of sorts.

3/12/16 1:17AM Article by Jordan Blum: which includes stream of "Meredith"

Fortunately, both expectations are met on “Meredith”, the first single from their upcoming third studio album, Primitive Smile

So this was just posted yesterday. The new single "Meredith" is there to stream of course per Soundcloud. As the article mentions, it does differ from their past work in some ways, with a bit of an electronic element.

I guess my feeling about these guys is, in 2010 they made a reasonable splash with Listen, which I found has 3 outstanding songs on it ("Jimme's Song" especially should have been everywhere, but wasn't really unfortunately). And then they released The Janus Mirror a couple of years later, which felt more cohesive, but didn't have the standout tracks that Listen did.

But it's been now 4 years since that record, so I'm wondering/hoping something cool will come with this new album from them. Although it's odd how ever since getting into them from my friend Sarah who made a comparison to Apes and Androids, I've been hoping for them to make a breakthrough or statement record. Listen showed a lot of promise, but I have kind of forgot about them the last few years for various reasons.

But that may be a good thing overall, as I find sometimes when bands have gaps and take more time to create a new record, the thought and work put in pays off. So I'm kind of hoping that could happen here. I guess we'll see.

When it comes out? unclear right now, but given that article and the 1st single is out, I would imagine sometime in the next few months perhaps.