Friday, May 20, 2016

Gojira - Magma (2015-2016)

5/20/16 5:56PM

"Silvera"..nice solo in the middle.

5/7/16 9:22AM
New album being released on June 17th from this French Extreme Metal band, whose music in the past I've definitely enjoyed, namely From Mars to Sirius.

The 1st single "Stranded" below, is rather memorable and impressed me more than I would have expected.

1 thought I wonder though is if any of this is inspired/influenced by the Terrorist event in December in Paris. Maybe not given when that happened and when this likely was written, but given they are french and their aggressive nature towards political and social things, it wouldn't surprise me.

Regardless, that new track "Stranded" is outstanding and it really has me more intrigued by this album than I likely would have.

Gojira magma artwork.jpg

1. The Shooting Star
2. Silvera  
3. The Cell  
4. Stranded
5. Yellow Stone  
6. Magma  
7. Pray  
8. Only Pain  
9. Low Lands  
10. Liberation