Thursday, January 29, 2015

Caravan of Thieves

1/29/15 5:17AM

Not much time to go into detail, nor experience with them yet, but I noticed someone share this video from the Connecticut band, on Cloud Cult's Facebook page and really liked this. Sort of melodic, energetic, percussive acoustic folk/pop/jazz. Maybe a little like The Family Crest without as many chamber instruments, or Miracles of Modern Science.

Good stuff; I guess I'll have to elaborate in due time about them. Last album was in 2012, so assuming they are still active, a new record may not be too far away from Caravan of Thieves.


New 3rd LP coming is titled Kiss Kiss, a little ironically. CT ain't that far from where Josh Benash resides, the should play a show with either Josh, Vuvuzela, or if Kiss Kiss ever did another reunion, lol.

Regardless, I'm definitely checking their new record out. They also seem to like using the term "Freak" which either among jam band fans, or the Marillion refreence (...all the best Freaks are here), has me curious about Caravan of Thieves interest/use of it.

But hopefully their Pledgemusic campaign is a success and we'll get to hear their Kiss Kiss as well. Maybe they are big Roald Dahl fans like Josh?