Monday, January 19, 2015

Kevin Gilbert - Thud [VINYL + 3 CD 20th Anniversary DELUXE Edition] (2014-2015)

1/191/15 1:25PM


VINYL + 3 CD Order Link

3 CD Book Link

Just ordered my Vinyl+3CD package. I do also have something else in the ordering pipeline too :)

1/14/15 5:28PM

Monday. MLK and also the day the Mew record info is supposed to come out.

1/8/15 2:41PM



Once we receive the THUD books, we will activate the order page at to include the CD & LP Set.

THUD 2 LP (180 gram)
mastered specifically for vinyl from the original analog tapes
Side A:
1. When You Give Your Love To Me
2. Goodness Gracious
3. Joytown
4. Waiting
Side B:
1. Tea For One
2. Shadow Self
3. The Tears Of Audrey
Side C:
1. Shrug (Because Of Me And You)
2. All Fall Down
3. Song For A Dead Friend
Side D:
1. Kashmir (Studio Version)
2. Waiting (The Other Version)
3. Joytown (Acoustic)

1/07/15 2:10PM

Soon..although I suspect this may be soon for the CDs; hopefully something more on the Vinyl will be added soon.

On Facebook

We were informed that our shipment of THUD books should arrive within the next week. Once we receive the books, we will activate the order page.

THUD: 20th Anniversary Remastered 3-CD Book Edition

Disc 1
1. When You Give Your Love To Me
2. Goodness Gracious
3. Joytown
4. Waiting
5. Tea For One
6. Shadow Self
7. The Tears Of Audrey
8. Shrug (Because Of Me And You)
9. All Fall Down
10. Song For A Dead Friend

Disc 2
1. When You Give Your Love To Me (Demo)
2. Goodness Gracious (Demo)
3. Joytown (Acoustic)
4. Waiting (The Other Version)
5. Tea For One (Demo Mix #1)
6. Shadow Self (Mix #2)
7. The Tears Of Audrey (Demo-Straight)
8. Because Of You (Demo)
9. All Fall Down (Toto Version)
10. Song For A Dead Friend (Guitar Mix)
11. Until I Get Her Back (Studio Version)
12. Big Heart (Studio Version)

Disc 3
1. Kashmir (Studio Version)
2. Miss Broadway (Studio Version)
3. Goodness Gracious (Can-Am Version)
4. Joytown (Full Mix-Unedited)
5. Tea For One (Sax Mix)
6. Late For Dinner (Dark Mix)
7. Song For Michael (Demo)
8. Waking The Sun (Instrumental)
9. Tea For One (Demo-Instrumental)
10. The Tears Of Audrey (Demo-Instrumental)
11. Goodness Gracious (Bottrell Loop Mix)
12. Shadow Self (Bill's Board)

that 3rd disc I think has me the most curious.

12/09/14 2:05PM

Newly redesigned/revampied. THUD has been pushed back due a strike of some kind, until January. The other 2 released, Toy Matinee Acoustic and The Lamb Performance are up there now though.

Also a sweet alternate version of "Goodness Gracious." I like the different lyrics especially,

10/6/14 12:45PM

2nd preview. "Miss Broadway" included (not surprising).

9/29/14 12:40PM

Sucker is coming and "oh yes!" on Vinyl for the first time. "Big Heart" sounds rather power-pop-ish.

Damn I can't wait!. November cannot come soon enough. I'll probably order a couple copies of the vinyl in fact. The details that are passed along from now til then I'm sure will be updated in here of course.

The Estate of Kevin Gilbert is releasing Kevin’s solo album THUD in a limited, 3 CD, 34 track, 20th anniversary deluxe edition. It will go on sale in mid-November. The package will include 3 new studio tracks, 18 previously unreleased demos/alternate takes and will come in a beautiful 32 page hard bound book. This 3 CD set will be priced at $35.
Also, for the first time ever, THUD will be available as an audiophile 180 gram, 2 LP set. Remastered specifically for vinyl from the original analog tapes, this gatefold package will be limited to 500 units. THUD 2 LP & 3 CD set package will be priced at $70.
The LP set will not be sold separately.
Track listing, artwork, ordering details, and much more will be announced throughout the month of October.
Kevin Gilbert audio/video is available for purchase at

7/7/14 4:22PM


Yes please. 500 of them need to sell at $60 a pop. The 2011? Shaming Vinyl campaign didn't quite make it (and I'll admit, I didn't but definitely should have ordered 1), but I don't recall what the goal was for that, but for some reason I suspect it was a little more.

But $60? sheesh, hell fucking yeah!

to help the chances of this to sell 500.


-Mike Portnoy's Forum topic (replies also count) Topic (replies count)

-Lawnmower and Garden Supplies Email List (per Yahoo)

As some of you may already know, this fall, The Estate of Kevin Gilbert is releasing a limited, 34 track, 3 CD, 20th anniversary, deluxe edition, of Kevin’s solo album Thud. 

\ We are wondering if there is enough interest to have 500 of the sets include a 2 disc, 180 gram, audiophile vinyl version of the original CD. This will be mastered from the original analogue tapes. 

We hope to have the 3 CD set, which includes a 32 page, full color, hard bound book, sell for $30. The version including the vinyl will cost an extra $30, totaling $60. The CD set will be available separately for $30 but vinyl will ONLY be available as part of the entire $60 set. 

Please respond here under this post (or on Kevin Gilbert's Official FaceBook page) and let us know if you would buy the edition including vinyl. We will only press vinyl if we get enough positive responses. 

Best regards, Jon Rubin 
Executor for the Estate of Kevin Gilbert

6/2/14 12:20PM
From the New Official Facebook Page


I'm giddy about this, 3 new (unreleased) and 18 unreleased demos/alternate mixes.

I probably should include that it is still my and many others hope this and Shaming especially, find their way onto a VINYL release someday, but beggars..of course.

I'm seeing The Monkees tonight ironically, and if I have a chance to chat with Christian Nesmith, I may have to bring this up. Interesting TIMING.

Also speculation about what those 3 tracks may be. I wonder if 1 may be "Miss Broadway" and perhaps a handful of other versions of songs that in different forms, ended up on Shaming.

But, whatever they are, I'm sure most of the Kevin Gilbert geeks like myself will still be pretty crazy for this.