Monday, January 12, 2015

Fjokra - The Mellowsound Sessions (2014-2015).+ "Miss You Already" + Full Length?

So, the 4th and I guess final track of The Mellowsound Sessions  Fjokra released today up on YouTube. I guess the whole thing will be available as a Free Download soon (likely on )

I love this whole thing, including the last/new track "GMF" which is a John Grant cover. But, I suppose I'll go with "Koi" being the standout on this thing.

Some stuff below is also worth keeping in mind as that movie Fjokra and his band are in, and the anticipation for a full-length in 2015 coming.


1. Salty
2. Koi
3. Oracle
4, GMF (John Grant Cover)

I also noticed this in the YouTube description which has me rather intrigued.

During the summer of 2014 Fjokra worked with director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Thirteen, Red Riding Hood, Lords Of Dogtown) on her latest film Miss You Already starring Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette, Dominic Cooper and Paddy Considine. Fjokra and his band feature in a concert scene performing one of his own compositions and also plays the part of Dominic Cooper’s best friend throughout the film. Miss You Already is scheduled for international release in 2015.

With 5 track EP Thoughtsteps released June 2014, Fjokra is constantly writing and recording new material. The Mellowsound Sessions EP released online in December 2014 features a more ambient direction, and rumours of an album coming in 2015 are beginning to circulate.